Bandeau Gamme des Vins 2022


Our Range of Wines

We aim that our wine range reflects the variety of our soils, the age of our vines, and the way of gathering during the harvest.

We produce Côtes de Provence A.O.P and Vin de Pays du Var Argens (country wines), being both declined in Red, Rosé and White.

  • Cuvée Domaine Clos Gautier :

Elaborated with the oldest vines of the domain, (70 years old), the juices are concentrated because the production is very low, and with a lot of complexity due to the length of the root system, very deep in the ground.

Those fields of vines are gathered by hand, with great care and respect all along the vinification process. The wines are fine, rich, complex and for gastronomic use, becoming better after a short breathing. Red wines from this cuvée are grown up 10 months in barrels of french oak from the Allier forest.

Starting from the 2014 harvest, the range expands with a white wine, fermented and grown up in ok barrels of 400 liters, with stirring of the lees. This wine will have a round structure, breeding strength and fine aromas.

All the cuvée is corked with extra natural cork.

  • Cuvée Clos Gautier :

  Vines average 35 years old take part of this cuvée. The grapes are gathered with machine during the night to preserve the intensity of aromas, and to keep a light shade of pink for the rosé. It avoids too juice oxydation by heat. That cuvée is our heart of range and does the honor of its A.O.P. We elaborate the three colours. White has structure and freshness, to serve for aperitif, or white meat, sea food. Rosé are perfect for aperitif, grilled meat or even exotic food will accompany well this wine.

  • Cuvée Oser :

 40 years old vines for that cuvée, gathered just before sunrise with machine. We make a 2 hours pellicular maceration to bring roundness and flavours of red fruits. This wine is very pleasant for aperitif and could be served all along the meal, even with sauce dishes.

  • Campé d'Enroch - IGP Var Argens :

Those wines are elaborated for meals in a simple fashion, very convivial. Fruit is the main line for all colours. Red with a fine and light structure with character, easy to appreciate, Rosé wines round and flavoured, White wines fresh with lemon and pineapple flavours.  A controlled production brings them a round body and an excellent price/pleasure rate.



Our Soil

Our vineyard of 32 hectares produces A.O.P Côtes de Provence for 80 % and Vin de Pays du Var Argens (Country wines) for 20 %. The production ability is around 200 000 bottles.

50 % are located on the hillsides of Carcès. We profit from Chalky clay soil, not very stony, that allows good concentration, regular maturities and controls naturally the production. The hydrous mode of Carcès basement encourages the roots to go deep in the ground, bringing a slow maturation without stress related to a dry summer.

The major part of our grape varieties consists of traditionnal plants from Provence : Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan for the rosé and red wines.

We have Rolle (Vermentino) and Ugni blanc for the white wines.

In addition we have a few rows of Mourvedres and Cabernet-Sauvignon.

We have also a very confidential production of Olive oil, and in our store you will find a choice of regional products.

We invite you to come and visit us, for a tasting of our range of wines.

If you are wise enough to make an appointment, we will have the pleasure to guide you throughour cellar.



Our Culture and Cellar Work

In our culture process, we try to respect the environment the most we can on the grounds we own. We don’t use any insect killer or pesticides against rot.

The last 3 sprayings are done with products used in organic culture : copper, sulfur and essential oil of orange to prevent from mildiou and oidium. The ground is fully worked mechanically against the weeds between the plants and half of the vineyard under the plants as well.

Most of the work is done by hand, and we give a constant attention to the grapes. A good wine starts in the fields. You could work the best you can in the cellar, but if you have bad grapes, you can’t expect very good wine.

We pick up the grapes by hand on 10 ha, mainly the very old vines (70 years old), and the young ones (less than 5 years old). The other vines are gathered with our machine that ensure us the control on picking up grapes at their right maturity.

The machine gives us the ability to pick up during the night, when the temperatures are low, this preserve the grapes from oxydation and preserve all the flavours.


Our cellar is installed with modern and recent equipment. Stainless steel thermo controlled tanks, monitoring system of the temperatures, pneumatic press.

The design of our cellar enables us to work with gravitation and avoids too frequent pumpings, and preserve the quality of the wines. We have air conditionned in the cellar during spring and summer.

For the red wines, we lead the fermentations with indigenous yeasts. We sulphite our wines at least, and try to preserve it from oxydation keeping the carbonic gaz  from fermentation until the bottling.

Our aim is to make a ‘ true’ wine, that express our soil and is a reflection of our work.